Being from Missouri you never know what the weather is going to be day to day, oh the joys of our climate!  In January I try to get vamped up for winter whether it looks like winter outside or not, just so I am prepared.   I remember the ice storm we received here so graciously in 2002, our family was without power for over a week.  God blessed us because we were able to find a hotel that had a backup generator and there was only one room left.   As I walked in to the hotel I was shocked to see so many people in the lobby trying to get a room, I felt so sorry for them but thankful and blessed that I reserved the room before we got there!   We didn’t get power for a week so needless to say my husband, 3 children were laid up in the hotel, I sometimes wonder how we kept our sanity!    It was certainly a bad time in our area!  So my family and friends call me paranoid when I run to the grocery store to stock up on groceries when I hear that bad weather is coming.   With that said I came across two great articles that can get up semi prepared for winter that I wanted to share.  Please see the links below.  I hope that you find them as helpful as I did.  Have a great day!  Remember if I can help you in anyway please give me a call, email, or text, I would love to hear from you!

To Do’s Your January Home Checklist;

Your Winter Home Maintenance Checklist